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We’re in a world where almost every adult has a mobile phone.

Without having access to a device platform, that can be found in every family’s home, would hinder our ability to understand how our users truly interact with our products, services and websites.

For the past few months, the development team have been working hard on a new mobile user testing service. A mobile user testing service that doesn’t cost a fortune. A service that doesn’t require your users to airplay their device to a laptop. It’s a mobile user testing service that allows you to truly test your users in their environment, at an affordable price.

Getting Started

Account and Test Creation

Head on over to to create an account and your first. When you login to your dashboard, you’ll be presented with an empty dashboard…Time to create a test!

Device selection

Once you’ve planned out your scenarios, tasks and questions, you can proceed by choosing your tester type and device you’d like to test the users on.

Let us know your thoughts!

We’re always trying to improve and can only do so by gaining your feedback. We’d love to know what you think of our mobile user testing,  so go on – give it a try and share your feedback by leaving a comment or emailing us at:


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